Ergaki Nature Park

Ergaki Nature Park

Ergaki – a unique natural park in the center of Russia, in the south of the Krasnoyarsk area. Nature Ergaki is very beautiful and diverse. This includes cedar forests, mountain tundra, and subalpine and alpine meadows. In the forests it is very likely to encounter a bear, moose, and a maral. In the meadows, various kinds of herbs bloom. Very beautiful alpine flower beds! Large blue and blue watershed flowers cover the lawn. Between them – the fire sparks of the Asian bathing suit, the pale yellow umbrellas of the Pallas primrose, the snow macropods, the white geranium, the pink magician, the Altai violet, etc.

In the subalpine meadows of wild garlic – juicy and vitamin food. Here also comes the magnificent endemic Sayan – levzia safflower, or “maral root”, which has strong toning properties. Along the banks of mountain streams, you can find a plant rare in the West Sayan – rhodiola rosea, or “golden root”, the fortifying properties of which are also used in medicine.

The vegetation of the mountain tundra is represented by a dwarf birch and a polar willow. A variety of mosses: sphagnum, kukushkin flax, mussel. Behind the legs of a walking person clinging creeping juniper, ledum, white gentian, saxifrage. Another year among the thickets of a dwarf birch there is an abundance of mushrooms. Dark brown bonnets hanging over birch groves.

Under the cedar thickets of rhododendron and badana, among which a large number of typical representatives of the local fauna – chipmunks. Often there are squirrels, rabbits, cunning foxes, dangerous wolves and bears.

In the mountain rivers there are taimen, tench, pike, burbot. On the trees, the grouse is “groaning”, the burrows of the mole are digging under the earth, and sometimes it is lucky enough to see how the ermine’s muzzle is washing its paws.

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