Knight’s tournament in the park Kolomenskoye Museum

The feeling is as if you hit by a car

Tournaments held by medieval rules in the world today are not uncommon. Now they are in Russia. In early May, the museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” consisted mainly knight match the country – Tournament St. George.

On photos:

1. Just as in the XV century. In the background – the Lodge for the beautiful ladies, noble knights and tournament organizers. A little closer – Chief Marshal of the tournament. In the foreground – two knights for a second before a terrible blow.

2. The tournament consisted of walking bouts on Poleks – one of the most popular weapons of the XV century.

3. To get at full gallop with a spear at the enemy – not an easy task, about half goes in vain attempts. But when the spear lands in the shield will not find it – the feeling is as if you hit by a car.

4. Squires clothe Ruchkina Victor Knight in armor to fight on foot. To keep fit, Victor practiced two horse training per week and one – in combat fencing.

5. As a prize winner received a replica of the Cup tournament XV century from Basel, Switzerland, made of silver and gold-plated brass.

6. Knight of St. Petersburg Andrew Fire won the tournament with a huge margin, up from the nearest rival by eight broken copies.

7. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages in the tournament is held without compromise. While the Knights knock each other in a race, squires cook on medieval recipes and technology.


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