Some interesting place in Russia

Sunset from the cave on the lake Baikal

1. Vilyuchinsky extinct volcano, the height of 2175 m.
2. Orda Cave – the longest underwater cave in the world gypsum. The uniqueness and beauty of the underwater caves attracts us athletes divers from around the world. Its length now stands at 4,500 meters.
3. Millions of air bubbles in the ice frozen mountain lake Multinskiye
4. Lake Baikal is unique and the deepest lake in the world.
5. Sunset from the cave on the lake Baikal.
6. Ridge Man-Pupu-Nyeri. About 200 million years ago on the site of the stone pillars were high mountains. Rain, snow, wind, cold and heat gradually destroy the mountains. This ridge is located quite far from the inhabited places. To get to the poles can only prepared tourists.
7. The Murmansk region is located in northern Europe. Washed by the White and Barents Seas. More than 1000 minerals (1/3 of all known in the world) is open in its depths. More than 150 of them are found nowhere else. There are over 110 thousand lakes and 18 209 rivers.
8. Karabash is one of the largest copper smelting centers of Russia.It is known for its difficult environmental situation.

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