Wild animals in Russia

Gulls - tango together

Wild animals in Russia play an important role in the maintenance and management of the processes of development and life of plant flora. The fauna of Russia is rich in various insects, birds, mammals, where each inhabitant of the forest is an important element in maintaining the life of the natural environment.

On photo:

  1. Tango together
  2. Saxicola torquata
  3. Bee on bur
  4. Life of snails
  5. Her name Necklace. For many years, she comes to a rookery of Bering Island. Tight collar – the remnants of fishing tackle. She was lucky – she did not dry statistics of fatal drift catches … Every year brings to the light of one cub Pacific fur seals.
  6. Bering Island foxes are not afraid of people. They can come and take the fish out of hand. It prefers to feed on the distance – as if posing for the lens – so it looks more colorful faded skin.
  7. Photo taken in Chelyabinsk city park. Survey was conducted at a considerable distance, squirrel to feel comfortable and at the same time perfectly posed.
  8. Kamchatka. Nalychevo Nature Park. Squirrel tries bread) and he came to his taste.
  9. Horses graze in the valley at Mount Belukha (Altay Mountains) the height of 2200 m

source: http://www.nat-geo.ru/

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